Qualities To Look For In A Conveyancer

If you have made a real estate transaction, there is a likelihood that you have engaged the services of a conveyancer. The conveyancer hiring process can be quite daunting, given you have to choose between thousands of professionals in the market. So, what makes a good conveyancer? Below are the qualities to look out for when hiring a conveyancer. 

Experience And Accreditation

The rule of thumb is that the conveyancer should have helped other customers buy or sell similar properties. You should also assess the customers' reviews to know if they were happy with the conveyancer's work. Most clients will forget to evaluate the conveyancer's accreditations. However, they can give insights into the accomplishments of the conveyancer. For instance, besides a diploma or degree, the professional should have taken professional development courses or post-graduate diplomas. Some conveyancers will also have awards and recognitions for their contributions to the industry. An accomplished conveyancer will offer exceptional services. 

Market Knowledge

How well does your conveyancer understand the real estate market? These questions will help you examine the professional's market knowledge: 

  • Is the property reasonably priced? An experienced conveyancer will give you a straightforward answer based on properties they have sold in the past. For example, they could tell you that similar properties sell for a specific range in the neighbourhood.
  • What are the applicable property laws? The conveyancer should inform you about the zoning, land planning, and strata by-laws that apply once you purchase the property.
  • Is it a buyers or sellers season? Certain months will favour buyers while others favour sellers. This information will help you know whether it is the right time to sell or buy property.
  • What are the red flags to look out for? The conveyancer should set out criteria before the property inspection. For example, structural and legal issues will compel you to spend more money fixing up the property. 

Communication And Negotiation Skills

The conveyancer's communication and negotiation skills play a critical role in ensuring you get the best out of the sale or purchase. For example, they should look out for property defects to compel the seller to reduce their asking price. For instance, they could argue that an underground sewer line will complicate a home improvement project. When selling property, the conveyancer should play with the buyer's psychology to get an advantage. For example, they could list the property on a private listing to make it more alluring to the buyer. Your conveyancer should also keep you in the loop to ensure you know their progress in selling or buying the property. 

An ideal conveyancer should be experienced, accredited, and knowledgeable. Additionally, they should have communication and negotiation skills. If you need help with conveyancing, look for a professional in your area.