How Can a Notary Help You With Documents for Foreign Bodies?

If you're trying to transact business overseas on an official basis and some of that business may be related to your company in Australia, don't be surprised if the authority asks you to authenticate some documents. They may ask you to produce an apostille certificate to continue processing your case. If you've never heard of such a document, what is this, and how can you produce this certificate? Generate Certified Documents 

Should You File a Parenting Plan or Consent Orders Following a Breakup?

If you're navigating the challenges associated with a breakup, you want to know what you should do about the children. In an ideal world, you should focus on their welfare and ensure that they are well cared for in every situation, but this is not always an easy task following problems with the relationship. You may have heard of two solutions: a parenting plan and a consent order, but what are these and which is the best option in your case?

When Buying or Selling a House, How Is the Process of Verification Handled?

Whenever large sums of money change hands, there is always the risk of potential fraud or deception. This is why all parties in a property transaction are required to identify themselves in accordance with government policies and regulations. So, if you are about to buy or sell your first property, you'll be interested in the procedure to make sure that you can comply. What do you need to know about this process?

Are You Always Liable If Your Dog Bites Someone?

If your dog has bitten somebody else, causing injury, you may worry about the consequences. Of course, this type of event is unpleasant anyway, but you certainly want to know if you are liable to prosecution or for damages. While the relevant laws can be complex, you'll want to understand the situation so you can take the relevant action. What do you need to know? Analysing the Situation Much will depend on the circumstances surrounding the event, as in the worst-case scenario, you could be liable for both criminal prosecution and civil damages.