How a smartphone can come in handy in the aftermath of an auto accident

You shouldn't be using a smartphone when you are driving your car. One of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving, and often it's because the driver is talking, texting or browsing their phone. Nevertheless, in the event that you're involved in a motor vehicle accident, your smartphone may come in handy.


Photographic and video evidence may be quite useful later in terms of reconstructing the events after the accident. For auto accident claims and insurance purposes, unquestionable photographic proof is quite powerful in swinging the case on your side in an injury lawsuit. The objective, of course, is to be as detailed as possible while capturing the photos or video footage in the aftermath of the accident. Take several photos of

  • Your motor vehicle and the other driver's vehicle. Take long shots as well as close-ups of the extent of damage inflicted on your car.
  • Brake marks on the motorway, or lack thereof.
  • The inside section of your vehicle after the mishap, particularly if extensive damage was done.
  • Damage also pertains to bodily damage, so take photos of your injuries and request someone to videotape you if possible.

Take notes

Taking notes in the aftermath of an accident can be very difficult, especially since you'll be quite shaken up and probably injured. Rather than asking the other driver to write down their insurance details, use your smartphone to collect pertinent information like the license plates, insurance cards and contact information of the driver who's at fault for the accident.

Talk to the other motorist

Ask him or her what they feel occurred and if they don't mind you video or audio taping their responses to your queries. If they are responsible for the accident, their narration at the accident scene- where they are highly likely to be apologetic-could contrast from their story much later on when they have had time to reflect in the situation or, perhaps, spoken with their insurance firm and realized the amount of money involved in the situation at hand.

Eye witness accounts

If there are eye witnesses to the mishap, ask them if they can let you to videotape them expounding on what transpired, and be sure to take their names and phone details in case they are needed in the near future.

The assumption is that you are not badly injured after the motor vehicle accident and you can perform these efforts by yourself. Nevertheless, if you're seriously hurt in the mishap and you dint have the chance to look at what occurred at the scene, then it's absolutely crucial that you get in touch with a motor vehicle accident lawyer to help you.