How a Process Server Can Help Boost Your Debt Collection

Debt collection is a common issue for many Australian businesses and individuals. It can be challenging to secure owed funds, especially when debtors attempt to evade payment or refuse to acknowledge their debts. Fortunately, enlisting the services of a professional process server can go a long way towards boosting your debt collection efforts. This blog post will discuss how process servers can help with debt collection. Serving Legal Documents One of the primary functions of a process server is to serve legal documents to debtors or other parties that are involved in debt collection cases.

Can You Make a Car Accident Claim If You Are a Pedestrian?

Being hit by a car is a traumatic experience, and it can be overwhelming to know what to do next. As a pedestrian, you have the right to seek compensation if you have been hit by a car, but can you make an actual car accident claim as a pedestrian? What Are Your Rights? Pedestrians have the right to use the roadways just like drivers, and they are entitled to the same protections under the law.