Types of injuries that warrant compensation from public premises

When you visit a public or private establishment, the owners of that property are legally responsible to ensure the safety of all customers and visitors. This means that they should provide a safe environment where all visitors face minimal risk of injury. You would be surprised how often people in grocery stores, retail centres and amusement parks become injured from the products or services provided at these locations.

If you obtain an injury from a public or private property, you can make a claim for public liability. Public liability compensation reimburses you for any injuries obtained in a public or private property. The compensation covers both physical and mental injury, as well as loss of income from what you experienced at that particular location. Here are some common types of injuries for which you can claim compensation.

Slips and falls

Slips and falls are perhaps the most common type of injury that warrants public liability compensation. The owners of stores, malls, offices and even construction sites are responsible for ensuring that all floors are in good condition. If you slip and fall on a wet or damaged floor, you can make a claim for compensation for any injuries you experience.

Injuries from damaged parts of the building

The owners of public and private areas are also responsible for ensuring that the building is safe for people to use. Cases where roofing materials, windows and wall hangings fall and strike a person will warrant compensation for any injuries suffered.

If any part of the building isn't structurally sound, it shouldn't be accessible to the general public. This applies to areas that are under construction. In fact, if you obtain an injury on a construction site because the appropriate personnel didn't appropriately block off the area, you can still be compensated for any injuries suffered.

Physical assault from staff

Public liability extends beyond injuries incurred from the building itself. If an employee of a public establishment abuses you, you may also qualify for compensation. For example, the security personnel of a specific store may have physically assaulted you while you were shopping. The same applies to employees who assault you while providing services. Physical assault from a staff member may cause both physical and psychological injury. Therefore, make sure you follow up such cases with a compensation lawyer to get the compensation you truly deserve.

Injuries from activities provided by the premises

If you're injured from any activities provided by an establishment, you can also claim compensation. For example, companies that offer water sports, recreation, amusement park rides and other similar activities need to ensure that all their customers are safe while engaging in such activities.

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