2 Family Disputes That a Lawyer Can Help You Tackle

Most couples going through family disputes engage in a healthy, non-confrontational discussion when separating. As a result, they reach an amicable solution on diverse issues, enabling them to retain a healthy relationship even after their divorce.

However, situations are different in every divorce case. Some family disputes are complicated and hard to maneuver without lawyer assistance. So, depending on the specific grounds of your disagreements, you might need the services of an experienced family lawyer to help you get a favourable outcome out of your divorce proceedings. Some of the situations you will need the intervention of a family lawyer include the following:

1. Your Partner Is Violent or Abusive

Legal representation is necessary when dealing with a violent partner. If your partner has been abusive, they might be hostile when negotiating a divorce agreement, especially when they know that you want to be away from them for good.

When you hire a competent family lawyer, they will negotiate with your partner on your behalf. That will enable you to make all your demands without fearing that your negotiations might not end peacefully. 

Your lawyer will also get the necessary orders to restrain your partner from abusing you during and after the divorce process. And, if your partner has been supporting you financially, your solicitor will help you access the financial resources you need during the dispute period. 

2. You Need Sufficient Evidence to Support Your Case

Just like in other lawsuits, the evidence you present in court in a divorce case will determine the judge's ruling. Therefore, you need the assistance of an experienced family law solicitor to help you gather sufficient evidence to convince the judge that your partner has committed a crime that goes against the family values. 

For instance, if your partner is having an extramarital affair or doesn't support your kids, your lawyer will help you prove that in court. They will get the relevant documents and interrogate all the people involved in the case to help you have sufficient information to substantiate your claims. With adequate evidence, you can prove that your partner is not fit to raise your kids, which could grant you sole custodianship to your kids.

The stakes are so high when negotiating a divorce agreement. If you and your ex-spouse can agree on most of the issues amicably, you will separate peacefully and remain friends, even after your divorce. However, you need legal representation if you are in any of the situations discussed above. 

For more information, contact a family law attorney in your area.