What You Should Know About Living Trusts

A living trust is similar to a will, but it can be active even while you are still alive. In the living trust, you will be able to give instructions on what to do with your assets, how to handle your finances, and who should be the guardian of your children. The main difference is that if you become incapacitated, such as from a coma or severe mental illness, the living trust goes into effect then.

What to Consider when Buying or Transferring Property in Australia

When it comes to legal issues, many people are lost and dependent on their attorneys for help. It is common knowledge that property matters are quite difficult to execute due to the myriad of requirements involved. Not engaging the services of a conveyancer might result in costly suits or even loss of property. As the article will demonstrate, this need not be the case if they factor in the following considerations when selling, buying, or transferring property.

How to avoid Being Tripped Up by Financing Issues When You Buy a Home

So you've found the home you want to buy and have decided to take on the financial responsibility of a mortgage. Perhaps one of the major reasons why the purchase of a home can fail at what is essentially the last moment is due to problems with financing. So what are some of the common financial hurdles that need to be overcome when you're finalising the purchase of a new home?

What you need to know when seeking a protective order

Applying for a protective order following episodes of domestic violence is an important step for victims. This type of order serves to help a victim of domestic violence feel secure by restricting their interactions with the accused abuser or aggressor. In order to be granted a protective order, you need to prove that harm was suffered or there's a possibility of it happening again. Your criminal or family attorney can help you prove these elements.

What Unmarried Couples Need To Know About Child Custody

Over the years, there has been a significant increase in unmarried couples who have sired children together. However, with single parenthood on the rise, more and more fathers are trying to challenge the view that the mother is the best guardian for the child after the couple has gone their separate ways. As such, there are now more cases of unmarried couples seeking to get custody of children in court just as a divorced couple would.